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Mississauga Chiropractor Dr. Victor Fong

Mississauga Chiropractor, Dr. Victor Fong

Mississauga Chiropractor, Dr. Victor Fong

Dr. Victor Fong grew up in East York and attended East York Collegiate Institute. It was there that he first became interested in chiropractic. Being involved with athletics helped him appreciate the importance of function and balance. Chiropractic played an important role in helping him achieve peak performance in both basketball and football. After attending the University of Toronto, he obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the renowned Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1985. He has maintained a family oriented Wellness practice in Mississauga since graduating.

Professional Involvement

His professional involvement spans far beyond the confines of the office. A Past President of the York Peel Chiropractic Society, Dr. Fong’s involvement includes numerous informative talks to groups ranging from elementary schools to employees at the Ministry of Health, as well as voluntary activities such as team doctor for various Oakville soccer teams, Oakville school of Dance, to being the Chiropractor for the Nutcracker performers. Dr. Fong has been involved with the Ontario Chiropractic Association, being on committees dealing with conventions to developing programs for spinal health week.

Opportunities to Help Others

Chiropractic has provided him with the opportunity to help many people achieve a better quality of life, and many miracles. It has been an incredible journey, far beyond what he expected when he first became acquainted with chiropractic back in high school ! Dr. Fong is always looking for experiences that will enhance his ability to make a positive impact for his patient members. Whether it be a post graduate seminar or a professional retreat high in the Colorado mountains. Acquiring further skills to help people reach their fullest potential is the motivating factor.

For Dr. Fong, seeking further challenges comes naturally. That has helped him to obtain results that are, often times, beyond expectation. In his personal life, Dr. Fong is married to Trudy, together they have two adult children. When away from the office, he enjoys many challenging endeavors.

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