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Your Feet

Lack of proper care, ill-fitting shoes and general foot neglect are responsible for the majority of foot problems.

It’s important to understand your feet have direct impact on the rest of your body and support you with each step. A small abnormality in foot function can have a large impact on joints higher up in the body, causing pain and discomfort.

When you are running, the pressure on your feet can be three or four times your body weight. Even walking can produce more pressure than the sum of your body weight. The American Podiatric Medical Association says that the average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. That adds up to about 115,000 miles in a lifetime or more than four times the circumference of the globe. That is a lot of walking with ill-fitting shoes or painful feet!!

In some cases foot ailments can be an early signal of more serious medical problems like arthritis or diabetes.

Women have four times as many foot problems as men because they have a long history of wearing high heels and/or pointy toe shoes.

Orthotics and proper shoe fit are very important aspects of foot health. At City Centre Chiropractic, we have been trained to evaluate your feet from a biomechanical perspective and determine if you are a candidate for custom orthotics. We are equipped to take a custom impression of your feet. Along with other valuable information, we will forward the impression to the lab for the fabrication of your orthotics. In most cases, they will be ready in about two weeks.


Remember if you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your ankles, knees or hip joints ….the direct cause may be the function of your feet or ill-fitting shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Orthotics:

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1) What are orthotics?

Orthotics or ‘Orthoses’ are inserts that comfortably fit into shoes; they are designed to support and improve the functioning of feet. We will prescribe orthotics to patients suffering from chronic foot or lower limb problems or to athletes to help maximize performance during sport.

2) How often should I be wearing my orthotics?

Your orthotics should be worn every time you are on your feet – during work, at home and play. Orthotics are like eyeglasses, they work when they are worn. As soon as you take your orthotics out of your shoes or take your shoes off your feet, the stress and discomfort you experienced before wearing your orthotics is likely to return.

3) What do you recommend if the orthotics are hurting my feet?

During the first few weeks of wearing your orthotics, you may experience aches and pains in your feet and legs. This is normal and is an indication that your orthotics are working. Your body has been conditioned to accommodate feet that do not function properly; as a result, it may need time to adjust. If your discomfort persists beyond a few weeks, please bring it to our attention, your orthotics may simply need a minor adjustment.

4) Does the effectiveness of my orthotics rely on the type of shoes I wear?

Orthotics are most effective in shoes that are constructed well, fit properly and are in good condition. It is best to bring in your shoes when we are fitting you for orthotics. Knowing the type of footwear you wear the most will help us prescribe the right style of orthotics for your lifestyle. We prefer to prescribe two pairs of orthotics to patients (ie. Dress and Sport). When shopping for new shoes, it is also best to bring your orthotics with you for fitting purposes.

5) Does my private/group benefits cover orthotics?

Most insurance plans have full or partial coverage for custom orthotics. You must consult your policy or your plan administrator to see how much it will cover and how often you can claim orthotics. Also, some policies require you to get a prescription from a health practitioner. The cost of custom orthotics start at $300, while orthotic footwear will range from $350 to $500 per pair.

Custom Orthotic Footwear

Custom Orthotic FootwearCustom Orthotic Footwear

Once we determine that you will benefit from wearing orthotics, you have other options in terms of corrective support. In recent years, a larger selection of footwear have been made available that can be purchased with your custom orthotics integrated within then. They are referred to as custom orthotic footwear. Like orthotics, custom orthotic footwear may be covered under your insurance plan. Please visit the following links for greater details on orthotics and customized footwear.

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