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Meet the City Centre Chiropractic Team

Chiropractic Health Assistants

Meet Libby

Chiropractic Health Assistant


Hello, I am Libby, my role at City Centre Chiropractic & Massage is Chiropractic Health Assistant. I assist Dr. Fong to ensure the office runs smoothly and efficiently, while managing the front desk duties.I enjoy what I do as I am constantly learning more about Chiropractic and it’s benefits. I love when our patient members get great results and are relieved from their discomfort. Many of our patients are on Wellness care, including myself. I get regular adjustments which have helped my headaches and stomach cramps subside tremendously. I have been at this position for over a year and I am very happy to be a part of this great team. My background is Portuguese and I am able to speak Portuguese fluently. In my spare time I enjoy spending it with my husband Danny and my family. I enjoy reading and movies, taking care of our pets and riding my bike along trails such as the 16 Mile Creek in Oakville. My goals as the Chiropractic Health Assistant are to make your visits to our office enjoyable , to answer any questions you have and also ensure that you tap into Chiropractic to enhance your family’s health and well-being.

Meet Trudy

Front Desk


At the office, I try to ensure that your visit expectations are met, also to answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment and financial arrangements. Through the years, I have witnessed many added benefits of regular chiropractic care.Once subluxations have been removed and the nervous system is back to functioning properly, the possibilities are endless! Many of our patient members are involved in sports, as is our family. Regular adjustments keep us all performing at our highest level possible. When away from the office, I enjoy playing soccer, skiing, reading and attending the theatre with friends. -Trudy

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